It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

If christmas includes lack of sleep, loss of appetite and non stop on the go, seeing Saving Mr Banks (ultimate movie of 2013 FYI!!. . .wear waterproof mascara if you haven’t seen it yet!!) and setting up the neibourghs christmas tree and your own christmas tree (alone) then this week has been the PERFECT christmas week!!

Where do i even begin with my week? Firstly, I’m not sure if you can class this as an early christmas present, but regarding my surgery, i feel like there has been a lot of progression this week. . .firstly, i got the price of all THREE surgeries I’m having. . .yes, three. . .of corse, what i didn’t realise was that having my transformer leg taken off would be another surgery. . .having things screwed into your leg/bone isn’t exactly as easy as 1 2 3 or A B C (thanks for lying to me The Jackson Five). . .anyways, so I’ve finally got a price for my surgery. . .that will probably be the first and last time in a VERY long time that ill see that many digits again!! So theres a gazillion emails that I’m caught between sending back and forth to DCL and the hospital trying to organize the next handful of months turning half transformer, half human. Talking of money, there was that god awful moment when i misjudged my sick pay by miles and got far less than what i actually expected to receive. . .ooopppppssss :/ Next time Emily Turner, read the small print (and ask more questions when being medically disembarked) you see, the problem is, when you get medically disembarked, theres not much information given to you other than to go to the doctors, get fixed, and when your finally fit for duty get back to work etc. . .no mention about pay. . .thankfully i had already brought my christmas presents. . .cos now i gots to keep a close eye on my money spendings, get all thrifty and whatnot!! A reunion trip to America in April (granted if I’m allowed to fly with my bionic leg) won’t pay for itself!! Which is whhyyyyyyy I’ve decided to make use of my creative side and go craft crazy!!

So the last week, my old man has given me the office in the house and allowed me to turn it into my craft room, its like someone has thrown up buttons, beads, sequins, fabric and threads EVERYWHERE!! Ive been a busy little bee making christmas bunting, made to order bunting, earrings, necklaces and charms, annnddd if things go to plan perfectly like they have in my head then I’m gonna be a millionaire in no time!! LOL, JK, JUST KIDDING, I JUST JOKING, ill just have me a couple of quid to keep me in the safe zone ^_^ Any fun activities to keep me busy during my surgery is a winner winner chicken dinner. . .LOL, JK, JUST KIDDING, I JUST JOKING. . .i hate chicken.

Check out my craft creations on eBay from the middle of next week (like December 17th?!) – turner-e90

Tomorrow is Monday, Monday means emails, emails means progression, progression means SURGERY (dates)!! Keep those fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!!


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