14 things for 2014

Firstly, I’m not one of those kinda unicorns for New Years resolutions cos lets face it. . .its a waste of time and space and 7 days into the New Years, most of them are broken cos its to “loose weight”, “eat healthy”, “go to the gym” “drink less soda” (that one is usually being said with a rum and coke in your hand) bla bla bla, I’ve never made a New Years resolution cos i know I’m never gonna hold myself to anything i say!! Mine is usually something simple like go for a swim in the ocean at least once a month. . .that WAS pretty easy peasy as i did that anyways in port, once a week id get my snorkeling gear on and find Dory 🙂 So now i know 100% 2014 is gonna be hella different for me what with this Transformers surgery ill be having, so i thought a ‘checkable’ list of things i want to get done in 2014 is easier than a New Years Resolution. . .so here goes. . .

1 – Have my first surgery before January. . .easier said than done, i thought i could have it before November, LIES, then i thought i could have it before Christmas, LIES. . .will January be my month?!

2 – Go for a pretty day out once a month, taking lots of pretty pictures and getting my butt off the sofa and my transformer leg up and walking

3 – See my FGIT’s for reunion numero 2, and hopefully a chance to meet the newest addition to our FGIT family ❤

4 – Get Fit for Duty before December (preferably back to work before December but lets be realistic now!!)

5 – Do a bunch of craft fairs selling my awesome stuff from Flower-Lou Creations otherwise I’m making all this beautiful jewellry for nothing :/

6 – Once my leg brace is off to go camping and body boarding in Cornwall again cos Newquay in September in the pouring rain and high winds was a bloody brilliant weekend!!

7 – Getting back on my bike and going for a decent bike ride without my knee buggering everything up. . .i couldn’t even manage 10 minutes during my physical therapy 1 month ago

8 – Find, plan, create, make, design and wear the (crappyest) most amazing Tron outfits known to man-kind for Halloween

9 – Find the most majestic t-shirt with a unicorn on it cos i found the most amazing one in Key West and was all OH ILL GET IT THE NEXT TIME WE DOCK HERE. . .surprise. . .there wasn’t a next time cos i got medically disembarked!! OR an amazing t-shirt with a dinosaur on it. . .or both >_<

10 – Hang up my framed poems from San Juan. . .they’ve been lying on my floor since August cos theres no nice space on my walls for them to go along with my Thomas Kinkade prints, my photos from Hawaii and my bed length shelfs filled with Disney Vinylmations 🙂

11 – Thankfully this next one is easy cos i hardly drink or go out in the evenings anyways. . .but on those rare occasions. . .i vow to always have a glass of soda or water in between alcoholic beverages. . .alcohol isn’t clever, its dumb, the end

12 – Go to the cinema and or theater at least once a month, all these awesome movies and shows keep coming out and I’m so used to seeing things for free on the ship that  I’ve been reluctant to pay for tickets since I’ve been home

13 – Sort out my Disney Pin Trading book, all my pins have been separated into baggies for YEARS, but I’m always adding to my pin collection so just haven’t gotten around to actually putting them in my pin book. . .theres a couple thousand pins i believe :/

14 – To be able to check this whole list off this time next year after all the crap I’ve had to deal with being medically disembarked, big ass leg surgery, not being able to work on my floating castle etc etc

I have 365 days to complete this list. . .SIMPLES


P.S Happy New Years and all that malarkey


One thought on “14 things for 2014

  1. That is a brilliant list I love it! Haven’t thought of a new years resolution yet, normally occurs to me around midnight but for some reason forgot to think of one this time. So I’ll give your checklist a bash

    1. Meet loads of amazing people whilst I am traveling and be as sociable as possible

    2. Make the most of every moment whilst away

    3. Come back in one piece

    4. Keep in touch with my family and friends as much as possible

    5. Drag Emily along for more camping and body boarding in June/July when I get back and hope for better weather this time

    That list seems achievable (fingers crossed etc.)
    Look forward to seeing photos of your days out with your transformer leg 🙂

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