You’ll be alright, it’s not like your having surgery on a vital organ. . .

Na mate, already had that 8 years ago on my heart, been there, done that, got the tshirt, K THNX BYE!!”1 – Have my first surgery before January. . .easier said than done, i thought i could have it before November, LIES, then i thought i could have it before Christmas, LIES . . .will January be my month?!”


I got an email yesterday informing me that in 9 days time ill be having my first mermaid/transformer/bionic leg surgery!! 9 days time, thats next Friday!! Friday 24th thanks 🙂

My 14 things for 2014 check list is slowly getting ticked off!! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER

Tomorrow i go in for my pre-assessment so ill ask a bunch of questions. . .literally not cos i want to know. . .cos really, i couldn’t be the most bothered about how long my surgery is gonna be, how long ill be in hospital for etc etc. . .but for the curiosity of other people and then i can slowly start packing little bits and bobs for while I’m in hospital like my “YAY IM HAVING SURGERY SO I CANT WEAR TIGHTS OR TROUSERS ANY MORE SO HERES SOME CUTE NEW PAJAMA SHORTS” and my Once Upon A Time box set that i got for christmas that I specifically saved to watch whilst I’m in hospital, and my kindle. . and ill dig out me travel bottles for shampoo and whatnot so i can still look beautiful and get rid of the minging hospital smell. . .

. . .Better shave me legs for tomorrow appointment!!


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