Hakuna Matata

Went for my pre-assessment yesterday and everything seems to be hunky dory which is good 🙂 It was at the hospital where I’m having my surgery at and my goodness, the place is AMAZING!! Its a brand new hospital/wing?! that opened a few weeks before Christmas 2013 so everything is all shiny and new, its proper lush. Had me some bloody samples and/or tests, an ECG scan (where they stick loads of stickies all over you and attach wires to the stickies). . .if it was a test, i aced it!! Talked to the Nurse about my length of stay, at the moment I’m booked in for 3 days, Friday – Sunday/Monday, then i went and met a Physical Therapist and thats where some unexpectedness happened. Firstly, i knew id be very minimal with my movements, but i didn’t really know HOW minimal it would be. . .the goal to enable me to leave hospital is when i can walk up stairs, BUT it also depends on how much weight my Surgeon/Doctor will let me put on my leg, it could be no weight, it could be touch/toe weight, but basically ill be needing to use crutches during the whole of my recovery for surgery number 1, heres the thing that threw me. . .if I’m no weight/toe weight theres a 90% chance that ill have to use a frame to hop around, the kinda ones that you see the silver foxes use haha AND THEN if i want to go out for the day I’m recommended to definitely use a wheelchair. . .

I was asked a bunch of unusual questions which i guess aren’t that unusual when it comes to health at home, simple things like access to the house, how many steps to get into the house, how many banisters are up the stairs, how high is the toilet, where are the toilets located, how tough my job is to compare how much physical therapy ill need to do; my answer – “Think of every single job, stick them all together and double it”. . .On a good note, my shower chair arrived this morning so i can still keep beautiful and fresh with my bionic leg. Thankfully? not much physical therapy is planned during my first recovery, its only going to be 6-8 weeks time that ill be going back in to have the brace put on my leg, and then THATS when ill be having more physical therapy, i was told that life will be muchos easier after surgery number 2 which is a bonus. . .MAYBE i can book me a holiday if all goes perfecto 🙂

Exactly 1 week till my surgery!!


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